The Joel Gamble Foundation was created in 2014 by former NFL Player Joel Gamble.  Joel Gamble is a native of West Baltimore and Graduate of Carver Vocational Technical High School.  Joel attended Shippensburg University where he majored in Criminal Justice.  Joel was an All Conference Tightend in college and led Shippensburg in receiving yards and receptions his sophmore year.  Joel played for 3 teams during his stint in the NFL: Philadelphia Eagles #48, Cleveland Browns #87, and Tennessee Titans #44.
​The foundation entitled THE JOEL GAMBLE FOUNDATION (TJGF) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and has been created to increase the number of successful youth in society.  Our passion for helping others achieve success is what drives us as an organization.  Each of us here at The Joel Gamble Foundation are no stranger to hard work, perseverance, and determination.  We want to make the path to success for youth much easier than that of our own paths.  Over the years in inner city areas we have seen hundreds of youth not move on to be successful, not because of lack of skill, but because of lack of direction, and not knowing the necessary steps.
The Joel Gamble Foundation has several components in order for student athletes to become successful:
• The first component is College Acceptance/Success. TJGF will expose students to the college acceptance process by teaching students how to complete a college application adequately.  TJGF will mentor each student athlete on "how to be successful on and off the field" in high school and college.  TJGF will conduct a College 101 seminar that discusses various college related topics i.e. test taking/study skills, time management, and social life to prepare students to be successful in college.  We will bridge the gap between Universities and inner city student athletes.  We will write letters to 3 colleges of students choice introducing each and every student athlete involved in the TJGF asking for information on that particular University.  We will send each student athlete to compete in University Athletic Camps costs all funded by the TJGF free of charge to the student athlete.  We will create a lasting relationship over the years the student athlete is in high school so that once it is time to commit to a University we will know without a doubt that those participants involved in TJGF will be accepted to a school of their choice.
• The second component is Academic Success.  TJGF will tutor student athletes in academically deficient subject areas.  We will provide college tutors in order for the student athletes involved in TJGF to continue to achieve high academic success throughout their years in high school. TJGF will teach student athletes SAT/ACT test taking strategies, note taking, and time management skills.  We also will challenge the student athlete in the classroom by giving students test on plays and strategies dealing with the student athletes sport.  We will provide positive mentors from all walks of life to come in and speak to student athletes on a high range of topics ranging from Community Outreach, Health and Wellness, Communication, and Life Skills.
• The third component is Athletic Success.  TJGF will assist each student athlete in improving their agility, strength, and speed through expert training on proper running techniques, strengthening running ability, proper weight usage, and individualized weight training programs.  We will provide a certified personal trainer that specializes in high profile athletes to athletically train each student athlete involved in TJGF.  TJGF also will provide opportunities for students to participate in collegiate sports camps to develop their athletic abilities.  
In order to achieve the foundation's vision of every student athlete in the Greater Baltimore area being graduated from high school and accepted into a four year institution.